December 28, 2009

daily painting landscape oil painting still life

I didn't realize that I hadn't updated my blog in so long. Here are a few of my latest paintings, all are still for sale on my etsy site ( The second one down is my favorite, when I finished I didn't want to stop looking at it, it was exactly how I wanted it to be. I might be a little sad when it sells. The first one was painted from a photo I took while Zach and...

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who knew?

I was trying to get to my etsy shop last night and I stumbled upon these blogs that mentioned me, I had no idea :)

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December 2, 2009

canvas panel daily painting oil painting sharonschock

I've been so distracted with my new etsy shop that I've completely forgotten to update my blog.
This whole etsy thing has gone a lot better than I expected. I've sold 9 paintings already and I haven't even been open for two weeks. There are a few new paintings that I'm excited to post, but I have to wait till they dry, fortunately I live in the driest climate ever and that happens pretty fast. For...

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November 15, 2009

canvas panel daily painting oil painting original oil painting sharonschock

The walls in our new house are still completely bare. So I was brainstorming about ways I could fill them. The thing is it's hard for me to have my own work up on the walls day after day, it makes me want to change things, or somehow make it better. So whatever I put up there is going to have to be something I reallylove. Today I completed a very small version of something I might want, I would...

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November 13, 2009

canvas panel daily painting oil painting pears sharonschock still life

I love painting pears. They're always a different shape, they're usually a wonderful green color (at least the ones I pick are), and I think they have more personality than any other fruit. I think these two could have speech bubbles depicting their conversation.

6x6, oil on panel

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