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Powerlines - 6x6

carpinteria daily painting cloudy powerlines telephone poles

I speed painted this one, I like how fresh the end result feels. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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From the Train I - 8x16

california landscape cloudy from the train

Today marks the beginning of my new "From the Train" series.  My husband and I took a ride up the coast recently, this series will be a glimpse of what we saw.  

Oil on canvas panel, 8x16 inches

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Palms Tree Sketch - Oil on canvas - 5x7

california daily painting cloudy daily painting for sale palm tree painting

This was done on a pretty cloudy day, the sun was about to set.  I liked the shapes the of the trees, and purplish color of the sky.  

Oil on canvas, 5x7 inches

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June Gloom - Carpinteria Landscape Oil Painting - 6x6

6x6 carpinteria landscape cityscape cloudy daily oil painting for sale palm trees rain

Well June gloom is officially here, right on schedule. I already miss the sun, clouds are so boring when they don't do anything, like thunder or rain. Maybe I'll just have to learn to like painting fog.

Rainy City Oil Painting
Oil on Ampersand Gessobord, 6x6 inches

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Sunday on Cabrillo Blvd - Santa Barbara landscape - 6x6

california oil painting cloudy daily oil painting daily painting landscape oil painting oil painting for sale original landscape santa barbara oil painting

I used to live in Santa Barbara, it was beautiful, and I never had to drive in snow. It was also cloudy a lot, hence the terms "May gray" and "June gloom", this is a painting of one of those days.

Oil on gessobord panel, 6x6 inches - SOLD

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