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Bluffs Path, Sunset - 8x10

california oil painting carpinteria coastal landscape landscape

It's been a while since my last post! I took a long break for Christmas and New Years, very refreshing :) But now it's back to work, there's so much to do, including a very large commission (the panel of which is currently staring at me, trying to intimidate me with its size!) 

I painted this piece long before Christmas but neglected to post it until now. I love the bluffs at sunset, all these...

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Santa Barbara Early Morning - 8x16

cabrillo santa barbara california oil painting santa barbara downtown telephone poles

Crazy busy (but fun!) weekend.  It was our 5 year class reunion at Westmont, we had such a good turnout, I almost forgot how much I missed that place.  Although I'm very jealous of their new painting studio,  in the open air, and I'm pretty sure it had an ocean view, I would love to paint there for a day.  

I'm very happy with how today's painting turned out, definitely one of my new favorites,...

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Santa Barbara Street - 6x12

California california oil painting figurative palms red tile roof santa barbara sharon schock

I love when paintings are easy to name.  And Santa Barbara St. is always my chosen route, way better than Garden or Laguna. 

Oil on 2" deep cradled panel, 6x12 inches

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Sly's Sunset - 8x10

420 california oil painting carpinteria painting palm trees restaurant sly's painting sunset

I was walking down Linden one evening and the sun was finally hitting this building just perfectly, it's such a fun yellow color, I've been waiting to paint it for a while.  

Oil on panel, 8x10 inches

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Our Town III - Original Oil Painting - 9x12

369 california oil painting carpinteria linden avenue daily painting daily painting for sale main street

I made lots of progress on my huge painting yesterday, I think I'll be able to finish it today.  The painting below is my new favorite from my "Our Town" series.  I'm trying to decide on what type of painting I should do for the "Carp-A-Cabana" posters this year.  I'm having a little trouble deciding...

Oil on panel, 9x12 inches
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