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From the Train IX - 8x10

beach california ocean from the train lompoc oil painting

The last in my train series.  From our stop in Lompoc, the ocean looked fierce here! I never want to go swimming in that water.  All the signs posted about shark attacks didn't help either. The colors were amazing though, and that's why I just had to paint it. 

Oil on panel, 8x10 inches

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From the Train VIII - 6x6

california ocean clouds from the train

The final painting in this little three piece set.  I think they look nice all together. 

Oil on canvas, 6x6  inches

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From the Train IV - 6x12

california ocean from the train skyscape

Really enjoying playing with these cloudy skies. 

Oil on canvas, 6x12 inches 

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Leadbetter Cliff - 12x12

12x12 california ocean daily painting leadbetter beach painting santa barbara sharon schock

A little vacation was exactly what I needed! Now I'm ready to get back to work.  Maybe I'll post some trip photos later, but for now here's a view of one of my new favorite seaside cliffs. I walked pretty far out in the water to get this shot, my dress was not so dry afterwards, next time I'll remember a swimsuit. 

Oil on linen panel, 12x12 inches

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Beach Afternoon - 6x6

beach california ocean carpinteria figures sharon schock

I'm enjoying this new series of beach figures. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
Available at the Palm Loft Gallery, August 2011

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