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Beach Clouds, Carpinteria - 9x12

9x12 beach carpinteria clouds oil painting storm

We've been having absolutely gorgeous clouds lately, I love it! 

My favorite part of this one is the light yellow/orange color shining through and against the clouds. 

Oil on canvas panel, 9x12 inches

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Rain and Birds - 8x10 Oil Sketch

California clouds ocean plein air

I wanted to go out and paint (because the clouds were amazing!), but I could tell they were going to open up and pour on me any second.  So I stayed in the studio and painted the view from my window.  The ocean was an amazing color, a teal shade, that made it look much more tropical than it actually is. 

Oil on panel, 8x10 inches

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Cloudy Drive on the 101 - 5x5

101 freeway clouds palm trees ventura painting

Here's one of the reasons I've never taken to plein air painting, I get inspired at the most inconvenient times! It's hard enough just to catch of photo, let alone pull over and make a painting. Although I did see an artist doing that once, painting on the side of the freeway that is. He was awesome and kind of insane at the same time. 

Oil on panel, 5x5 inches

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Cloud Study - 6x6

clouds sale study

The power was out one day so I painted this little cloud study from my studio window.  Now up for auction with a very low starting bid of $10!

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Overcast View - 4x4

clouds telephone poles

My little warm up one morning, this is the very cloudy view from my studio window. 

Oil on canvas panel, 4x4 inches

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