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Shadows in Front - 6x6

daily painting dark shadows dawn figures sharon schock

Couldn't resist this, I loved how these guys were lit from behind with their shadows falling in front of them.  I didn't even care that they were so confused at why I was snapping photos in their direction. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches 

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Beach Afternoon - 6x6

beach california ocean carpinteria figures sharon schock

I'm enjoying this new series of beach figures. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
Available at the Palm Loft Gallery, August 2011

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State Street Shopping - 6x6

cabrillo santa barbara California daily oil painting figurative figures people shopping sharon schock small oil painting state street

I took the whole weekend off from painting since it was my husbands birthday.  The sun came out just in time for it, it was a wonderful weekend! And there was a much larger turnout for the reception at the Red Door on Saturday than I expected.  I sold a few pieces, hopefully a few more will sell before the show ends this month. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches 
Available at the Palm Loft Gallery, August...

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Blue and White Stripes - 6x12

beach california ocean carpinteria figures sand sharon schock sharon shock striped umbrella umbrella

My husband saved me from an umbrella just like this one at the beach last weekend.  It had gotten a little windy and someone's umbrella had sprung loose, but for some reason the pointy end (not the umbrella part) was headed full speed at the back of my neck.  Luckily my husband is part jedi and caught it just inches before it hit me.  Thanks love :) 

Oil on 2" cradled panel, 6x12 inches

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Beach Chat - 6x6

beach california palm trees carpinteria figures hat summer beach day women

I had the best weekend! I love summer by the beach! My sister came down to visit and brought her raft/boat? I'm not sure what you call it, but she made me paddle out much farther than I expected.  Seals grunted at us, and we learned that creepy salamander like things live all over the kelp.  I got to play beach volleyball on Sunday, something I haven't gotten to do in years, SO much fun! 

And of...

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