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Bluffs at Dawn II - California Landscape Oil Painting - 16x20

16x20 california coast california daily painting california landscape painting carpinteria bluffs oil painting sharon schock

What a blessed month I'm having! Etsy sales are good, I've gotten great reviews from the show at Corktree, and yesterday I was accepted into the Santa Barbara Art Association! I got my feedback from the jurors and they only had good comments (not very helpful, but it also didn't kill my spirit, which is good). I love September :)

Oil on gessoed panel, 16x20 inches
To view this painting in my shop...

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Autumn Light - Palette Knife Oil Painting - 10x10

10x10 oil painting black bright green california landscape painting daily oil painting dawn morning palette knife painting yellow

I had a lot of fun with this one. These palette knife paintings are always so messy, I end up with paint in my hair, on my face, just everywhere!

palette knife painting
Oil on panel, 10x10 inches

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Carpinteria Bluffs VI - California Landscape Painting - 11x14

11x14 beach California california coast california landscape painting carpinteria bluffs oil painting daily painting for sale orange trees

I tried a little bit of a new technique for this one (I have big plans for very different paintings this week) I laid down a really dark base and then wiped out the lighter areas of my composition. I found this technique on this blog post, by an artist named Doug Braithwaite (the blog is written from the perspective of his wife, which I think is really great, sometimes I wish I never had to talk...

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Sun in the Salt Marsh - California Daily Painting - 6x12

california landscape painting carpinteria salt marsh clouds daily oil painting daily painting for sale green landscape oil painting mountains

I got to see In the Heights at the Pantages Theater in LA this weekend, I feel like I've been waiting forever to see it! It was worth the wait :)

Today's painting is another view of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, with the sun breaking through the clouds... only two days left of June, hopefully the gloom is almost over!

Oil on cradled panel, 6x12 inches, 3/4" deep

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The Edge - Carpinteria Bluffs Landscape Painting - 4x8

blue boat california coast california landscape painting daily oil painting daily painting for sale island ocean orange

I found this little 4x8 canvas in my stash of painting materials and decided it would be perfect for this colorful little scene.

Oil on canvas panel, 4x8 inches


Also my new business cards came in! I don't live in Denver anymore so my last ones were a little outdated. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I also made magnets that I can include in packages I ship out. Yes, I was having fun...

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