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Lake Trees II - Palette knife painting - 4x8

abstract daily oil painting daily painting for sale palette knife painting trees

Another little palette knife painting for today. I still have a couple of commissions to finish, I'd better get to work!

Oil on canvas panel, 4x8 inches
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Sunrise in the Park - Carpinteria Oil Painting - 18x36

california landscape carpinteria large oil painting large painting morning trees

Dropped off my paintings this morning :) I had just enough to fill the spaces and even a couple to spare. The show runs through November 22nd, that's a long time! So stop by Corktree Cellars if you're in the area :)
Here's another one of the paintings I did for the show, it's huge and I love it!

california oil painting
Oil on canvas, 18x36 inches
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The Summer's Hottest Day - Landscape Oil Painting - 12x12

12x12 daily painting daily painting for sale dark shadows green landscape oil painting sharon schock south dakota square trees

Not a lot to say about this one, I was drawn to this scene because of the dark shadows in the trees, and the shadows on the otherwise very bright green grass. And that blueish building in the distance added a nice break in the green/white/yellow color scheme.

Oil on hardboard panel, 12x12 inches

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Lake Trees - Palette knife painting - 6x12

daily oil painting daily painting for sale lake landscape oil painting lime green palette knife painting south dakota splattered trees

This is what I've been trying to get at all's just what I wanted from a knife painting. Getting away from the canvas panels really helped, I thought the canvas texture would be good for this type of painting...but I just don't like it, it gets in my way.

Oil on cradled panel, 3/8" deep, 6x12 inches

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Palette Knife Paintings...I forgot it was fun.

black hills California california landscape clouds daily painting for sale forest palette knife painting small oil painting south dakota textured painting trees

It's probably been 6 years since I've done a palette knife painting, but yesterday I saw this painting and it inspired me to try it out again. I just loved how it was sort of representational but abstract at the same time. I loved the broad green color and how juicy the whole thing looked...I could just stare at it forever.

So in response I painted these two pieces, I like the first one a lot...

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