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Sunset at the Bluffs - 6x6

beach California carpinteria carpinteria bluffs landscape ocean oil painting

I was really sad to not participate in the annual studio tour this weekend, but since most of my studio is packed in boxes waiting for our approaching move date I guess I didn't have much of a choice :) 

I'm really fond of how this little piece turned out.  It was one of those afternoons that was just perfectly warm and sunny, and the purple sunset shadows were just beginning to creep up.

Oil on...

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Plein Air Beach Fog - 8x10

8x10 beach california plein air carpinteria oil painting painting plein air

I don't usually like to paint outdoors, but recently I've been venturing out more and more, just to get away from the sound of the freeway (and freeway construction!) that plagues my current studio. Standing in the sand on an empty beach beats a noisy studio any day. And I'm having fun getting loose with these plein air paintings, I have a vision of what I'm striving for them to look like (and...

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Brooklyn Bridge - 5x7

brooklyn bridge daily painting new york new york city oil painting painting waterfront

Considering the awful photo I had to work from (it was just kind of a blah day when we took our tour),  I'm really happy with how this one turned out.  I have a little bit more confidence in my ability to imagine things, like the sunlight on this bridge for instance. 

Oil on panel, 5x7 

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Long Beach Lighthouse - 6x6

California daily painting landscape lighthouse long beach oil painting

Zach and I took a trip to Long Beach recently (aquarium anyone?).  And I happen to find a few fun things to paint while I was there too :) 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Butterfly Beach Commission - 10x10

butterfly beach montecito oil painting santa barbara

This is what winter looks like in Santa Barbara, I guess I can't complain. 

Oil on panel, 10x10 inches

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