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Parker's Lighthouse - 6x6

6x6 oil painting boats long beach marina nautical palms water

Really needed that long weekend! Now a little more from Long Beach.  I just had to paint this fun red roof. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Santa Barbara Courthouse, Afternoon - 6x6

6x6 oil painting daily painting for sale santa barbara courthouse santa barbara oil painting sharon schock

I had a fantastic day at the craft fair here in Carpinteria yesterday :) I kind of wish I could have hired someone to sit at my table for me, I just always feel a little awkward selling my paintings....maybe because it's something so personal (at least to me). Or because I don't want people to feel like they have to say something nice just because I'm sitting there. But all in all a great day :)

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Flat - Landscape oil painting - 6x6

6x6 oil painting carpinteria holiday craft fair landscape oil painting sharon schock

Sometimes I like to play with paint...this is one of those times.  I wanted to see what would happen if I painted this landscape as flat as possible.  I really loved how the flat color turned out in the umbrella of this piece, so I decided to paint this little scene keeping the umbrella in mind. 

Oil on canvas panel - 6x6 inches

Also! if you're a Santa Barbara/ Carpinteria local, don't miss the...

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Beyond the Shore - California Coast Oil Painting - 6x6

6x6 oil painting california coast carpinteria landscape daily oil painting for sale landscape oil painting

Well all of our stuff is officially inside our new place. The move went super well! Zach bribed some coworkers (with pizza and beer) and they had everything moved in less than two hours, amazing. And after a long day of moving and then unpacking and then....dumpster diving, for our ottoman legs that got thrown out, a shower never felt so good. And I got seven responses to my craigslist ad last...

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