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Playing with panorama, take a look inside my studio!

carpinteria studio tour virtual studio tour

Today is the second day of the studio tour.  Yesterday was a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone that visited :) I wasn't lonely for even a minute! 
I was playing with my new panorama app before the tour started yesterday...the lighting in these is just horrible but I'm going to post them anyway. 

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My Studio: The Virtual Tour

sharon schock virtual studio tour

I didn't waste any space on this wall! There's a little more space now though, since some of those
sold this weekend. My large color chart helps me remember what I have in my paint drawer, which can get pretty cluttered. That drafting table has moved with me 3 times and somehow still stands :) 
I love the frames I found for my little 6x6 inch paintings, I think it really makes them pop.
This mirror...

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