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Playing with panorama, take a look inside my studio!

carpinteria studio tour virtual studio tour

Today is the second day of the studio tour.  Yesterday was a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone that visited :) I wasn't lonely for even a minute! 
I was playing with my new panorama app before the tour started yesterday...the lighting in these is just horrible but I'm going to post them anyway. 

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Preview of my studio sale!

carpinteria studio tour mother's day weekend studio sale

The following pieces are a few that will be offered at very special prices for my Studio Tour visitors! I will also have a free gift and snacks for everyone who stops by! It's this weekend, May 7-8, don't forget to visit (I'm #19)!
                                             9x12 inches

8x16 inches

12x16 inches

12x24 inches each

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Goleta Tower - Original Oil Painting - 12x12

carpinteria studio tour goleta beach painting sharon schock studio sale

I really liked how this one turned out, which I never thought would happen, considering I was angry at it from the moment I started it. It was supposed to be a fun experiment, I don't know why it annoyed me so much. I gave this piece a bright cadmium scarlet base, so that little spots of red could show throw and add some warmth to an otherwise cool painting. I didn't realize that underpaintings on...

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