My Studio: The Virtual Tour

sharon schock virtual studio tour

I didn't waste any space on this wall! There's a little more space now though, since some of those
sold this weekend. My large color chart helps me remember what I have in my paint drawer, which can get pretty cluttered. That drafting table has moved with me 3 times and somehow still stands :) 
I love the frames I found for my little 6x6 inch paintings, I think it really makes them pop.
This mirror is a crucial element in my studio, I'm constantly turning to look at the reverse of what I'm painting, to spot anything that might look awkward.  It's amazing what the mirror can find that I can't. 
Me and my bestie! 
I love that I have these shelves, they act as a storage area and as a drying rack
for all those little paintings. 
Even more storage! My hoard of painting panels. 
I dream of a much more organized way of storing paint tubes, but I think I'd have to build it myself, and I'm  no carpenter.  So for now this drawer will have to do. 
My large and mini easel.  Both are great when I'm not just holding my painting (usually my middle finger and thumb are covered with paint from holding whatever I'm working on). 
Computer station, where I'm sitting right now typing out this blog post :) 
And of course this post wouldn't be complete without a shot of studio cat. 
Studio cat is always upside down, and always stealing my chair!

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