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Ok I'll Share - Avocado Still Life Oil Painting - 8x8

8x8 avocado avocado still life bright still life fruit still life oil painting for sale small oil painting

I was hoping that this weekend would be sunny and beautiful so I could get more shots of the town to paint. That was not the case, so I was stuck painting still lifes... ok I'm not really complaining... but I did want to hang out at the beach more :)

Oil on canvas panel, 8x8 inches - SOLD
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Foggy Morning On Cabrillo Blvd - Landscape Oil Painting - 6x6

beach painting daily painting fog oil painting for sale palm trees santa barbara

I felt like I had the perfect spot in Denver to photograph my paintings, I have not found such a spot here, I probably look pretty funny covered in paint walking around with a huge camera trying to find a glare free zone. I think it will take me more than one day to get used to my new surroundings. But here it is anyway, the first one:

Oil on gessobord panel, 6x6 inches - SOLD

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Lindisfarne Castle - Landscape Oil Painting - 6x6

castle daily painting island paintings oil painting for sale oil painting of england original landscape scotland

The Lindisfarne Castle was built in the 1550's, around the same time that the Priory from yesterday's painting went out of use. They actually used stones from the Priory to build the castle. The castle itself is pretty small, but it sits on the highest part of the island, on a volcanic mound known as Beblowe Craig.

Oil on gessoed panel, 6x6 inches
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Green and Blue- Pear still life oil painting - 5x5

5x5 oil painting fruit still life kitchen oil painting for sale pear oil painting still life oil painting still life painting

This weekend my sweetheart of a husband planned an overnight trip for us to go skiing at Beaver Creek. What a nice weekend of rest before we had to come back to repairs and packing....well it would have been if I hadn't taken a nasty fall the first day, my head still hurts, my neck hurts even more. I do not like lots powder and heavy falling snow... not a good combination. At least it was at the...

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Lemon Lime - Still life oil painting - 6x6

bright still life daily painting lime still life oil painting for sale oil painting lemons simple still life still life oil painting

Another bright still life for today, my husband wanted to call it "Sprite" ...but it lacks the carbonation, he also felt really sad for the lime because it doesn't get to hang out in the bowl.

still life oil painting

Oil on gessobord panel, 6x6 inches - SOLD

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