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Lemon Lime Lemon - 6x6

lemons limes still life painting

Sprite or 7up? 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Lemon Love - Still life oil painting - 12x12

basket daily painting for sale fruit lemons purple still life painting yellow

I wanted to give up on this painting so many times. But I fought through it, and five hours later I had this.

And tomorrow I get to participate in my first "First Friday Artwalk", here in Carpinteria. I'm very excited, and hoping more of my paintings dry by then so I can show them!

Oil on stretched canvas, 12x12 inches

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avocado still life daily painting giveaway giveaway painting giveaway still life painting

I've decided on this darling little painting of avocados for this (my first!) giveaway. It's oil on a canvas panel, 6x6 inches. And since it's flat it can be easily framed, or be displayed as is on a decorative shelf or bookshelf.

Oil on canvas panel, 6x6 inches

How to enter the giveaway:
1. Just leave a comment on this post to let me know you looked around a bit :)

2. For an extra entrybecome a...

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Green and Blue- Pear still life oil painting - 5x5

5x5 oil painting fruit still life kitchen oil painting for sale pear oil painting still life oil painting still life painting

This weekend my sweetheart of a husband planned an overnight trip for us to go skiing at Beaver Creek. What a nice weekend of rest before we had to come back to repairs and packing....well it would have been if I hadn't taken a nasty fall the first day, my head still hurts, my neck hurts even more. I do not like lots powder and heavy falling snow... not a good combination. At least it was at the...

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