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White House - 6x6

6x6 daily landscape painting south dakota

This little house was just too quaint, and the light was hitting it just right.  White houses are my favorite to paint.  
Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Farmhouse in Shadows - Landscape oil painting - 5x7

carpinteria california daily landscape painting daily painting for sale farmhouse painting

Something about this old barn/house always catches my eye.  Probably it's white weathered look, and the bright green grass around it.  I would love to paint it when the sun is on it, but it always seems to be in shadow.  

Oil on canvas panel, 5x7 inches
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Our Town - Carpinteria Oil Painting - 11x14

california beach town carpinteria painting daily landscape painting daily painting for sale downtown carpinteria sharon schock

I love how this one turned out.  When I started it I expected it to be painful and challenging to complete, but it turned out to be one of those rare wonderful happenings where the painting you want just flows right into existence.  

I'm excited about today, I have lots of time to paint this afternoon and I'm going to try out a few new techniques.  Maybe something good will happen :) 

Oil on cradled...

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Clouds and Field - Landscape oil painting - 6x6

clouds daily landscape painting daily painting for sale yellow fields

I was tried a different approach to this little painting, sometimes I feel like I just have to try something doesn't always work, but I always learn from it.  I like how this one turned out though.  I started by covering the canvas with a very dark, almost  black solid wash.  Then I painted as usual but made sure to leave some parts unpainted....something I never do. 

Oil on stretched...

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Amsterdam Sunset II - Landscape Oil Painting - 10x20

10x20 amsterdam painting cityscape daily landscape painting europe landscape oil painting medium sized seascape painting water

I love the size of this painting, it's not too big, not too small, just right. There are a few ingatherings next week, and hopefully this painting will be a part of something.

Oil on 2" cradled panel, 10x20 inches

In other news, we are having quite the heat wave this week. I think it got to over a 100 degrees yesterday, that's warm for right on the coast! My husband said it was 115 in LA. And...

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