Goleta Tower - Original Oil Painting - 12x12

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I really liked how this one turned out, which I never thought would happen, considering I was angry at it from the moment I started it.  It was supposed to be a fun experiment, I don't know why it annoyed me so much.  I gave this piece a bright cadmium scarlet base, so that little spots of red could show throw and add some warmth to an otherwise cool painting.  I didn't realize that underpaintings on canvas take much longer to dry than they do on panel....I guess that's what was really annoying, I didn't want to be patient. 

Oil on stretched canvas
Sides painted

In other news,  I've decided that the upcoming Artist's Studio Tour will also be a Studio Cleanup Sale for me :) I'll have special prices on a few of my paintings, because my studio is getting full....and I don't want to move to the garage! 

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