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Carpinteria Cliffs - 6x12

beach bluffs carpinteria cliffs ocean rincon

I played with the surface a little before painting this piece.  I like the feeling of linen (because it's finer than canvas) but it's still a little too porous for my liking.  I prepped this one by applying a pretty thick coat of gesso with a palette knife. I really liked the result, maybe I'll try it with some old canvases I have lying around. 

Oil on stretched linen, 6x12 inches

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Bluffs Path - 8x10

carpinteria bluffs ocean

I really love living so close to the bluffs, can there be a better place to take a stroll? 

Oil on cradled panel, 8x10 inches 

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Summertime - 6x12

beach beach figures California carpinteria ocean

Even though it's October summer seems to still be in full swing around here. 

Oil on linen panel, 6x12 inches

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Corner of 7th - 8x10

carpinteria daily painting linden avenue ocean palm trees sharon schock sly's restaurant

I ended up liking this painting more than I thought I would,  oddly enough the back of that stop sign is my very favorite part.  

Oil on panel, 8x10 inches 

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Miramar Coastline - 8x16

beach house cabrillo santa barbara california coast california palm trees gold miramar beach montecito ocean

My husband "claimed" this one, so we'll see if he lets me put it up for sale in the Palm Loft show later this month :) 

Oil on 2" cradled panel, 8x16 inches

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