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Biltmore Wall II - 6x6

546 available biltmore hotel butterfly beach figurative

I had another go at this group, I felt rushed while I was painting it though, so I'm not as happy as I was with the first one.  However there are certain parts of it that I really like. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
Contact me for purchase information 

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Sunset at Butterfly - 5x7

butterfly beach montecito sunset

More of this beautiful Butterfly Beach sunset. 

Oil on panel, 5x7 inches

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Biltmore Wall - 5x7

biltmore hotel butterfly beach santa barbara

More for my Butterfly Beach series.  I felt  like these guys were purposefully posing for me. 

Oil on panel, 5x7 inches

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Butterfly Beach Cliffs - 12x12

available butterfly beach

This is one of those paintings that I'm liking more and more the longer I let it sit.  I wasn't super thrilled with it the day that I finished, but now I'm glad I stopped when I did.  

Oil on panel, 12x12 inches 
Available at Divine Inspiration Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

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Butterfly Beach - 6x12

butterfly beach california coastline

Look for a write up of my DI Gallery show in the Santa Barbara News Press tomorrow (Dec. 23), there should be pictures, yay!

Oil on canvas panel, 6x12 inches

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