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avocado still life giveaway landscape oil painting still life

I want to do a giveaway soon (where I would giveaway one of my small 6x6 paintings). But I can't decide which would be a better choice, a landscape or a still life? Anyone have thoughts about which they would rather win?

So a landscape giveaway might look a little like this one:

And a still life giveaway would probably be of avocados (so fun to paint) and might look a little like this:


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Avocado with Red - Still life oil painting - 8x8

avocado still life fruit still life green red still life oil painting

Santa Barbara makes me want to paint avocados... it also makes me want to eat avocados, so I guess it all works out. I found these 8x8 canvas boards when I was packing up my studio, totally forgot I had them :)

Oil on canvas panel, 8x8 inches - SOLD

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Avocado Summer - Still life oil painting - 6x6

avocado still life california avocado daily painting daily painting for sale fruit still life still life oil painting

I am pleased to announce that in about two weeks we will be moving to beautiful Carpinteria, California (right next to Santa Barbara). If my postings are a little sporadic for the next month or so it is because we just found out and therefore have only 2 weeks to pack everything, find a new place to live, and sell our house :( But it will be so worth it!

Oil on canvas panel, 6x6 inches - SOLD

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