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Still Life Trio - Commissioned work

avocado knife painting chili pepper painting lemon still life palette knife painting red still life oil painting

I did this set for a buyer last week. She wanted them all in this palette knife style, which is fun to do, so I'm glad people like them.

Each canvas measures 6x6 inches

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The Expressive Avocado - Still Life Oil Painting - 6x6

abstract avocado daily painting avocado knife painting bright green daily painting for sale daily still life painting palette knife painting

I thought it would be fun to try a still life using the palette knife... the first photo is the finished painting and the one below it is how I started it out. I had a specific idea of how I wanted it to turn out, and I thought the best way to accomplish that would be by having a pretty good underpainting first. I don't really like leaving parts of the board exposed, and by painting it all in...

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