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Itty Bitty Avocados - ACEO canvases

aceo aceo set avocado daily painting avocado still life teal

I just couldn't resist painting a few of these tiny canvases. I think they would make cute little gifts, or stocking stuffers...not that I'm getting excited for Christmas already :)

Oil on canvas, 2.5x3.5 inches
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Last day to enter my giveaway!

aceo blog free giveaway original aceo watercolor

Click here to enter to win a set of 4 ACEO watercolors

Thanks to Kate and Oli for hosting this giveaway, read my full interview here.
I'm also featured on Sarah Marie Dee's blog today (doesn't her name make you want to sing?) check it out here:

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Lonely Pear - Still life oil painting

aceo for sale fruit oil painting original aceo original oil painting pear oil painting pear still life still life oil painting

Another pear oil painting for today, I'm not going to lie I'm glad that I found these tiny canvases while the Olympics are on, more time to watch :)

pear oil painting


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Sea life - aceo watercolors

aceo aceo set original aceo sea life sharonschock watercolor

Another little set of sea creatures, they make such interesting lines and shapes, it's impossible not have fun with them

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The vegetables

aceo aceo set original aceo vegetables watercolor

I couldn't stop with just three kinds of veggies, the red onion is my favorite. I guess I'm in an illustrative mood.


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