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Swiss Window - 6x6

europe switzerland windows

I'm really happy with this little painting, so much so that I'm working on a whole series of swiss windows. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Swiss Castle - 5x7

castle europe landscape switzerland

I snagged this shot on the cable car ride down from Mt. Pilatus.  So many places in Switzerland seemed too quaint to be real, and this was one of them. 

Oil on panel, 5x7 inches

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Lauterbrunnen Waterfall - 6x6

alps europe lauterbrunnen rain switzerland

Just got back from a weekend in Denver. Saw some great thunderstorms, played Catan, saw how candy canes are made, ate way too much food, celebrated big birthdays, and located a car battery. Now back to work! 

This is another piece from that rainy day in Switzerland. We were on a pretty miserable hike that day, my feet were soaked, and my throat hurt, but I got a lot of good painting material from...

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Cloudy day in the Lauterbrunnen Valley - 8x10

alps lauterbrunnen switzerland

I know I'm a fool for even trying to paint part of the alps (they are far too beautiful). But these clouds made it just too tempting. 

Oil on stretched linen, 8x10 inches

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