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"The Lighthouse at Two Lights" after Edward Hopper - 6x6

384 masters series

The studio tour was much busier than I expected it to be yesterday! I had lots of visitors and was so touched that people came to see my work. It was also the most I've ever had to talk about my own paintings...something I'm not very good at, it makes me feel like I'm being egotistical or something. I definitely need practice at it, so I guess this studio tour is good for me in lots of ways. And...

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"Long Branch, New Jersey" after Winslow Homer - 5x5

383 masters series sea cliff umbrella

Things are looking much better in the studio today! I didn't waste any wall space, and all of my paintings are successfully hung.  I'll post some photos next week, a virtual studio tour if you will, for those that can't make it this weekend :) 

Oil on panel, 5x5 inches

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"The Beach at Trouville" after Eugene Louis Boudin

382 abstracted daily painting for sale masters series

My studio is a disaster this morning! I spent a good amount of time yesterday framing lots of paintings... so now they're scattered on the floor until I can figure out how to hang them on the walls, it's like a puzzle trying to get them all to fit. 

Continuing my little series today with this piece after Eugene Louis Boudin. I gave up the palette knife for this one. I always think I'm going to like...

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"On The Cliff" after Winslow Homer - 6x6

masters series palette knife painting

I'm starting a brief new series, I felt a little bit stuck and a little frustrated (which always seems to happen after I complete a few paintings that I really like...). I find that mixing things up a little often helps. So I'm doing a series of small paintings based on other larger paintings by artists I admire. I'm trying to keep it loose, even a little abstract. So far I'm really enjoying this...

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