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Lemons and Circles - 6x6

green lemon oil painting lemons still life oil painting

I'm selling out of these still lifes faster than I can post them! No complaints here though, I love to paint them. 

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Lemon Blue III - Still life oil painting - 5x7

daily painting lemon oil painting lemon still life still life oil painting

I ran out of my favorite panels...I didn't even realize it, I thought for sure I had at least 4 more.  So until my order comes in I will be making use of these 5x7" canvas panels.  They're actually not that bad, I usually hate canvas texture but these are pretty smooth.  Much better than the Winsor & Newton canvases I had been using before. 

Oil on canvas panel, 5x7 inches
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