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Ruins in York - 6x6

cathedral church building daily painting for sale england europe series ruins uk landscape

I think this is my favorite in the series so far...

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches

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Afternoon at Versailles - 6x6

daily painting europe series france palace

The opening last night was wonderful! Thanks to all of you who came out for it.  This was my first show where I was the only artist showing.  I think I have to conclude that it was a little less fun that way, I guess I enjoy conversing with the other artists, and not being the only one people came to see (that's so much pressure for an introvert like me!).  But overall it was a good night. 

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Foggy Day in Berlin - 6x6 & Show Opening TONIGHT!

509 berlin europe series germany

Here's a link to read more about my show opening tonight. I'm getting pretty nervous, and a little excited (nervcited? excivous?) I haven't even seen everything hung up yet.  I've been told that since we're listed as #1 on the passport, things are pretty busy right at 5:00 and tend to taper off by 7:00 (just FYI)

Also here's number 2 in my new series, which is getting me very excited for the Europe...

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