We made it!

After a long two days in the car (with a very unhappy cat, buried in a carrier in the backseat) we made it to Carpinteria! Our temporary apartment is super cute, and just a few steps from the beach. I was up early this morning and went jogging with my Nikon in my hand, getting a few great sunrise shots for tomorrow's painting.

I was a little hesitant this morning as I got ready to unpack my oils and set up my temporary studio. Our apartment is cute, but also very small, which means I have to paint sitting on the floor. So I wasn't expecting a masterpiece for today, maybe tomorrow I will figure out something better.

the "studio"

I couldn't find Charlie for a while, turns out he thought the door was a good hangout

We didn't have a coffee maker, so my Mom brought me this one (and she was right it does make good coffee:) even though I think it's at least 30 years old. And it's my birthday so I'm allowed to have cake for breakfast...yum.

The view from our front window, not much to complain about, we think that on a really clear day we could see the ocean.

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