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Tangerine with Stem - 5x7

orange simple still life still life oil painting tangerine still life

Trader Joe's was selling boxes of these adorable tangerines all with the stems still attached.  I'll be doing at least a few more of these. 

Oil on panel, 5x7 inches
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Hearst Castle Interior II - 6x6

blue hearst castle interior orange red

Second in the series, I liked that this one included the source of that interesting blue light.  

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
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Poles - Carpinteria Landscape Painting - 6x12

carpinteria landscape painting orange sharon schock sunset telephone poles

I had the busiest day yesterday! I can't even believe how much I got done :) I slept SO well last night.  

I chose to paint this little scene because I liked the shadows, sunset shadows are the best.  And I liked the the dark telephone poles against the light colored sky.  

Oil on cradled panel, 6x12 inches

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Bluffs at Sunset - Landscape Oil Painting - 5x7

5x7 carpinteria landscape painting daily oil painting field orange sharon schock

It seems like it's been raining forever! But I have big warm kitty in my lap, so everything is as it should be :)

Oil on canvas panel, 5x7 inches

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Baby Pumpkin - Still life oil painting - 6x6

blue stripes daily oil painting little box blue orange pumpkin pumpkin still life still life oil painting

We got the monthly newsletter for our complex and it said we can expect tons of trick or treaters here :) finally! Every year I buy candy and every year there's only like 3 kids. And then I end up eating halloween candy for months.

But just in case they're wrong I bought candy that I hate, at least I won't be tempted to eat it then :)

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
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