Painting for the Nations

This is my friend Janine

Janine is a missionary who has recently spent some time in Nepal and Tibet.  You can view her team's site here.  I especially recommend this post which includes the story of their 4 day trek into the small village of Darma (a journey I would never survive!). 

Well this season Janine is back at YWAM preparing for another journey into the unreached world (possibly Cambodia or Afghanistan).  I've decided to start a small project to help support her.  While she was on furlough we went through all her photos from her trip and I picked out ones that I would just love to paint.  I get to play with new subject matter, and she gets all the proceeds when they sell (a win win!).

There will be 7 paintings in this series, starting with this one:

"Into Nepal"
Oil on panel, 5x7 inches

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