Introducing...Gouache in the shop!

I've been having so much fun working on these gouache paintings the last couple weeks.  And I'm excited to finally have them added to my shop! For those of you that don't know what gouache is, the easiest way of describing it is opaque watercolors. So you can get some of the same effects as watercolor, but also a build-able coverage like with oils.  These won't replace my oils for sure, but it's a nice option that I can work on at my kitchen table when I can't get to my studio. 

This one in particular is so much cooler looking in person than it shows up on screen. It's painted on 300lb cold press watercolor paper, which is just my favorite for texture and the way it soaks up the paint. 

Gouache on 300lb cold press paper, 5x7 inches

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