Carpinteria Salt Marsh III - Landscape Oil Painting - 12x12

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Today I'm playing the "where can I possibly photograph my painting without a glare" game. It's my least favorite part of moving to a new place. I think I might have better luck on our patio later in the day. But this will have to do for the moment, it's much prettier in person. I gave the canvas a few extra coats of gesso before I started which gave the painting an interesting texture.

We don't have internet set up in our new place, so for now I'm driving back to our temp apartment to blog. Thanks for all those entering my giveaway :) I love reading all your comments. It made yesterday a much better day, unpacking was horrible, but the worst part was trying to get Charlie, my giant orange cat, who I swear is nothing but muscle, into his carrier. Let's just say I can no longer wear one of my shirts because it's torn and blood stained... I also have quite the battle wound on my torso.

Oil on stretched canvas, painted sides, ready to hang, 12x12 inches

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