Cabrillo Palms - 9x12

I've had this painting sitting around for at least 2 months now, forgotten on the drying shelf.  I wanted to paint something fun and bright and this fit the bill. 

Oil on canvas panel, 9x12 inches

I've been getting the itch to paint recently, actually it's more of an ache.  I'll be out and see something that inspires me and my insides hurt because I can't paint it right that moment.  I've been working on a commission the last few months that will be taking all my creative/free time up until at least March.  So I'm painting, but it's a different kind of painting. 

And here's a little peek at where all my energy is going....

Lillian Marie, 6 months old
 How could I possibly complain about sacrificing my painting time for this little one :) She's totally worth it. And one day, she'll sleep through the night (it will happen), and while she is is sleeping, her momma will paint.

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