Butternut and Fennel - Still Life Oil Painting - 6x6

butternut daily still life painting fall vegetables fennel purple squash still life oil painting

The original title for this painting was going to be "Butternut and Leek" because that's what I meant to buy. The thing is I had never bought a leek before, I didn't really know what one looked like...so I trusted Albertson's when they told me that this fennel was a leek.

This is how cooking dinner went that night:
"Zach can you google how to chop a leek?" "wait, my leek looks nothing like that" "why does this smell like licorice?" "Zach can you google "vegetable that smells like licorice"?" ....and that's how we discovered it was actually a fennel. Zach laughed at me, and we learned something about vegetables. I'm glad we discovered it before I accidentally made licorice stew.

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
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