A Great Brush Find!

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There's nothing like a painting with a new brush.  My absolute favorite type of brush is a flat, but no matter how hard I try to take good care of them they wear out pretty quickly...or maybe it's just that I usually find a favorite and then use it every day.   But once a flat brush does that weird fanning out thing, it's pretty much a lost cause.  

I usually don't write product reviews but this brush was so awesome I just had to share: 

   Royal Langnickel Bordeaux Flat

I paid $2.47 for the size I got, actually less than that since I had a coupon.  I wasn't expecting much, I mean seriously, it's too cheap to be good, but it was also worth a shot.  I'm SO glad I did, I love this brush! I even prefer it over my much more expensive brushes.  I've been using it for about 2 weeks, and so far it's still amazing.  Even the handle feels amazing, and I love the purple color.  Next time I'm buying one in every size!

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